Episode 12 – Questions Show – May 8th, 2013

This week on The Digital Babble:

A Question and Answer Show:

Question 1:

“I am having a difficult time capturing my son’s baseball and soccer events. When shooting his game during the day, they photos are not blurry but really heavy on the shadows and look like I can’t see their faces. Any tips for fixing this?” – Sam from Geneva

Question 2:

“I am a big fan of Macro Photography and love the spring flowers but seem to have a hard time capturing them without some sort of motion blur. The attached photo is an example. Any help would be greatly appreciated.” – Amanda from Seneca Falls

Question 3:

“I saw your Photoshop demonstration on portrait retouch last week. Could you show a male version of those edits … or what would you do with a male version.” – Mark from Ithaca

Question 4:

“Where did you find that technique on shifting colors and can it be used on other items other than the eyes?”  - James Bond from the British Isle (Seneca Falls)

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